Compression springs

Compression springs can be manufactured in several shapes: barrel, helix, hourglass, cone. We produce compression springs from 0.15 mm to 24 mm in wire diameter.

Most used manufacturing materials:

  • Naturally hardened spring steel wire (EN10270-1 SH / Din 17223-1)
  • Oil hardened spring steel wire (EN10270-2 VD&FD / Din 17223 page 2)
  • Hot rolled spring steel wire (EN89-71 50CrV4)
  • Stainless spring steel wire RVS302 (EN10270-3-1.4310 / Din 17224-1)
  • Stainless spring steel wire RVS316 (EN10270-3-1.4401 / Din 17224-1)
  • Fosfor bronze (EN1654 CuSn6 / Din 17662/17682/2076)

Manufactured according to Din 2095

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